Air Conditioning Maintenance in Vehicles

Does your business manage a fleet of vehicles? Keeping your team cool when they’re on the road is important; but air conditioning maintenance can be a costly process. Especially when you factor in the expense of vehicle down-time and getting to the repair shop.


Keeping the air conditioner in your car, van or truck in top condition is an important factor in the fuel efficiency of your fleet. Air conditioners that have not been maintained often use more fuel to achieve the same results. The cost to your business can quickly add up in a hot Hawke’s Bay summer.

Boss Refrigeration can make looking after your fleet easy. We do all of our repairs and maintenance on site – it’s convenient and involves no time away from the office or the job in hand. We can carry out repairs quickly and easily, and we’re available on call to get you back on the road.

Call Boss Refrigeration and find out the value we could add to your fleet operation.

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